Grace Vom Kilauea
WP887537/01, 10-21-98
OFA "Good" RO-60785G25F-PI,  Eyes Clear,
Cardiac Normal (by Board Certified Cardiologist),   
Thyroid Normal
Handler, Owner, Trained


Judge: Hans-Juergen Radtke     Koermeister, Leistungsrichter and Head Judge of the ADRK Date:  September 1, 2001
Place: Rottweiler Club of Canada,
 Niagara Sieger Show
Class:  Open                Rating:  V-4
Critique:  Good medium size with sufficient bone, very nice head with matching muzzle, medium size carried correct ears, brown eyes, lips and gums dark, mouth corners pink, of good chest depth and width, front and hind angulation good, slightly falling croup, good coat with red/brown markings, markings on chest not defined, good movement, scissor bite.


Judge:  Alice Zansch (ADRK) Date:  May 20, 2001
Place:  SRC - Toronto, Canada Class:  Open                Rating:  V-6
Critique:  Large female. Strong boned.  Sociable dog. Typey head. Stop and cheekbones pronounced. Medium size ears. Slightly open ear carriage. Dark brown eyes. Mouth pigmentation slightly pink. Dark lips. Strong neck. Deep wide chest. Front angulation very good. Stands straight. Well closed paws. Shoulder position correct. Strong back. Rear angulation very good. Well muscled. Very well groomed outer coat. Very good dark brown markings. Fluent gait and scissor bite.


Judge:  Erich Koenigsburger Date:  October 22, 2000
Place:  ARV SE Regional - Mooresville, NC Class:  Open             Rating:  V             
Critique:  2 yrs old, med to large, well built, typey head with good stop, complete scissor bite, dark lip and mouth pigment, little bit pink in corners, cheek bones should be more pronounced, dark brown eyes, well set and well formed, correct carried ears, very good top and bottom line, good chest proportions, correct angulation, strong bone and muscle substance, good elbows, feet well knuckled, black nails, excellent coat, markings should be better defined on chest, far reaching gait.


Judge:  Erich Koenigsburger Date:  March 18, 2000
Place:  USRC Hawaii Rottweiler Verein - Honolulu Hawaii Class:  12-18 mos       Rating:  SG-2
Critique:  17 months old, medium, very well built, typey head with a very good stop, complete scissors bite, good mouth and lip pigment a little bit pink in the corners, full muzzle, medium to dark brown eyes, well set and well formed.  Correct carried ears, good back, croup slightly falls down, very good underline, very good chest proportions, angulations correct in front, a little steep in the rear, very good closed elbows, paws are well knuckled, black nails, very good bone and muscle substance, excellent coat, markings should be better defined on the chest, attentive, friendly.  Good gait in the front, should have little more drive in the rear.


Pedigree for Grace vom Kilauea
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Kong Dallas Von Music
WP701216/03 07-97
Black & Mahogany

Sinbad Imua O Mauna Pele
WG184194 09-91
Black & Brown

Bayridge Kato O Mana
WF951919 07-88
Black & Mahogany

Rotvel Hades
WF117764 10-82 (Australia)
Black & Tan

Adoram Matheson
KCR 146/75 (Imp UK)

Heatherglen Image

(Not Available)

(Not Available)

(Not Available)

Shesda Boss Mauna Pele
WF816995 07-88
Black & Mahogany

Casar vom Hegnenbacher Landl SchH III
WF564303 12-84 ADRK 56422 HD +\-
Black & Tan

CH Condor Zu Klamm
SchH III, Gek. ES'80, KS '79 

ADRK 5221
0, WF159560 06-83 (Germany) HD-
Black & Rust

Dolly Von Der Kellerbar

ADRK 49560 HD +\-

Inga Von Manr
WF478529 05-85
Black & Mahogany

Roy's Caddo Rock
WE420253 06-80
Black & Tan

Rotti Baer Vom Mikesell
WE166057 07-81
Black & Mahogany

Macodamia's  Nene
WG547393 07-96
Black & Mahogany

CH Rimland's Dallas von Music
WG080025 01-90
Black & Mahogany

Fratz Vom Leinetal
WF825202 11-86 (Germany)
Black & Mahogany

Bronko Vom Dattelner Hof
SchH III, AD, Gekort bis EzA

ADRK 55527 HD-

Froni Von Hohenhameln
SchH I, Ztpr

ADRK 53815 HD- Frei

Royal's Music Von Meadow
WF689302 10-87
Black & Mahogany

Rodsden's Bruin V Hungerbuhl
CH Rodsden's Bruin V Hungerbuhl

WD375753 08-79
Black & Mahogany
RO 1189 OFA25 Normal

CH Sunnysides Royal Von Meadow CD
WF223863 08-85
Black & Mahogany
MRC Hall of Fame
*ARC Gold Sire
RO 5902 OFA25 Normal

Mama's Special Secret
WG258301 01-90
Black & Mahogany

V-1 Alf Vom Hamburger Michel SchH III, IPO III, AD, ZtP, HD Frei OFA Excellent
WG095300 08-88 (Germany)
Black & Mahogany

Dingo v Schwaiger Wappen
INT CH Dingo v Schwaiger Wappen, SchH3, FH, AD, GEK Bis EzA, HD-

'80 Klubseiger

ADRK 51683

Olly Vom Silberwald, SchH I

Cora vom Hohen Kanstein Sch I
WG027203 05-88 (Germany)
Black & Mahogany

Bandit Vom Geiersberg
Bandit Vom Geiersberg
SchIII, Gekort bix EzA 

ADRK 54 316 HD-

Gina Vom Hause Normann
ADRK 52 520

Irie Von Od Enwald
WP288477/05 02-99
Black & Mahogany

Jenecks Omega
WG105124 08-90
Black & Mahogany

Timm vom Mummler
V-1 Timm vom Mummler
SchH III, KJS Stadthagen '82

WF790502 08-86 (Germany)
Black & Mahogany

Berno von Remchingen
V-1 Berno von Remchingen
SchH III, IPO III, AD, FH, Gekort bis '85
ADRK 54725 HD+\-

Ives Eulenspiegel 
INT CH Ives Eulenspiegel 
SchH III FH Gekort Bis EzA. ES'77

ADRK 48232 HD+\-

Issa Vom Reichenbachle
SchH I
ADRK 49525 HD+
ADRK 49 525

Rita v Sonnenberg, SchH I
ADRK 49130 HD+\-
Bar Vom Uhlbachtal, SchH II
ADRK 44598 HD+\-
ADRK 44 598
Lotte Vom Sonnenberg

ADRK 46497 HD+
V-1 Cira Vom Eselsburgertal, BH, ZtP
WG052105 05-88 (Germany)
Black & Brown
Nero vom Schloss Reitheim
Nero vom Schloss Reitheim
 SchH III, IPO III, FH, Gekort bis EzA, BS, KS
ADRK 53782 HD-
Ives Eulenspiegel 
INT CH Ives Eulenspiegel 
SchH III FH Gekort Bis EzA. ES'77

ADRK 48232 HD+\-
Kira Vom Schloss Rietheim 
ADRK 50120 HD+AD
Helena v Konigsgarten, SchH I
ADRK 56898
Amigo Vom Kressbach
ADRK 52755 HD-
Gunda Vom Konigsgarten, SchH I 
ADRK 53599 HD+\-
Megan V Odenwald
WG304817 09-  90
Black & Mahogany
Mein Freund Gibralter
WF307271 11-87
Black & Mahogany
WD794403 10-79 (Germany)
Black & Brown
OFA RO-1318  Normal
 *ARC Bronze Sire
DuxVomKastanienbaum.jpg (214074 bytes)
Dux Vom Kastanienbaum
ADRK 46293 HD-
Ina Vom Kastanienbaum
ADRK 47 544
Kassel Vom Odenwald, CD
WD346571 05-80
Black & Mahogany
Norwak Von Der Wigg
WB747529 07-75 (Germany)
CH Kitty Vom Kursaal
WC365405 07-75 (Germany)
Black & Tan
Marklyn's Natasha
WF721522 11-87
Black & Mahogany
WF655702 08-85 (Belgium)
Black & Brown
OFA# RO-822939M
*ARC Gold Sire
Ulli Vom Kastanienbaum

ADRK 50 417
Donja Kapenborgh
LOSH 427808
Mein Freund Gitta V Marklyn
WF128182 08-85
Black & Mahogany
Wotan Vom Kastanienbaum
WD794403 10-79 (Germany)
Black & Brown
OFA RO-1318  Normal
*ARC Bronze Sire
Kassel Vom Odenwald, CD
WD346571 05-80
Black & Mahogany

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